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the most dangerous race Over the course of several tours and record projects as a drummer (Filter, Smashing Pumpkins, Garbage, Morrissey) Matt Walker worked on his own music, writing in hotel rooms, on airplanes, behind stages, even on ferries. In early 2005 Matt approached vocalist, and fellow Chicagoan, JT McCluskey to help bring a few of his songs to completion. JT's vocals immediately brought a raw energy and new melodic scope to the songs, and the two soon recognized they had a powerful, creative chemistry. They began to collaborate on more songs, and named their project The Most Dangerous Race (theMDR).

In October 2005, theMDR spent a week at I.V.Lab studios in Chicago recording with studio owner / engineer Manny Sanchez. Matt also called in some musical favors from close friends Scott Bennett, Jonny Polonsky, Solomon Snyder, and Jim Dinou. A few months later, just as the recordings were reaching completion, Matt took the opportunity to join Morrissey's band and embarked on a year long world tour. At this point, theMDR went virtual, with more writing and recording on the road, and sending song files back and forth on the internet. But the path for theMDR became even more clear as the year came to a close. While on the road, Matt catalogued all of his demos, which came to a startling count of 130 compositions. So theMDR crashed into 2007 with a new plan. They would begin finishing the demos in groups of 6 songs and self-release them as a series of EPs, the only time-line being the speed in which each EP could be completed.

theMDR is: JT McCluskey (vocals), Matt Walker (guitar, keyboards, programming, drums), Steve Gerlach (guitar, vocals), and Larry Schroeder (bass).

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Thematically, ARC represents the basic chapters of a man's life, at least as far as it has been lived so far by it's narrator. The third EP in a four part series, ARC is the truest embodiment of theMDR's identity thus far. A dramatic blend of emotive songs, visceral live performances and late 70's influenced electronica, this ep actually attemps to trace the arc of life in a mere 6 songs.

metallic tongue
metallic tongue is a barrage of electro-ambient feedback, riding on the back of visceral driving bass, drums and electronic percussion.
inventing shadows
inventing shadows is a collection of dark dramatic songs that resist the over-arranged, over-thought tendencies of modern alternative music.
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