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I have been a Sister Machine Gun fan for a long time and I have almost always thought that good music and products were produced. Things run smoothly and a superior product is produced in all realms, from the music to the website to the online shopping experience.
- Michael, Portland, OR
The first time I ordered I had a problem with my address update with my credit card. Someone notified me immediately about the problem and I responded. The same day (a Saturday no less) I was emailed back saying my order would be mailed that day. That was very cool, and prompt, so thank you :) This last order was fine, no problems. Thanks for a great label, one that's not about a popularity contest and comes out consistently with good music.
- Christina, Framingham, MA
You guys are the best! I received my order remarkably fast and I'm impressed with the overall shopping experience!
- Brent, Spokane, WA
On the product I ordered (Fellow Prisoners by Amish Rake Fight), everything from the price of the product, to the speedy delivery in which I received the product was perfect. I was extremely satisfied with the shopPOSI transaction, and the CD is just plain awesome!
- Brian, Santa Rosa, CA
I Just Wanna Say Damn You Guys Are THE BEST. Placed Order Monday Before Noon Next Day In My Mail. Thats What I Call Service.
- Bryce, Rockford, IL
I've been around since the beginning of Positron! Records, and I still haven't shopped at any other online store that is faster than Positron!
- Colin, Columbus, OH
The people at shopPOSI are extremely prompt, they are the best online store I have ever dealt with, the items almost always come within 3 days, the shipping is free, and the merchandise is a bargain, they are above and beyond what any other webstore is. I have almost everything they sell and have had no bad experiences.
- Blake, Dayton, OH
I usually get my discs no later than 2 days after placing an order. Sometimes even the next day, but that probably is because of my proximity to Chicago. Great Store, Love the paypal option.
- Christopher, Indianapolis, IN
Holy fucking shit! Consistently the best, most reliable and fastest service I've received online. A singularly satisfying experience. And great music to boot.
- Glenn, Los Angeles, CA
Unbeatable customer service and great merchandise. Keep up the good work. I've already sent several friends who asked where I get this music from (posi albums) to the site and would recommend it to anyone. Thanks again.
- Jeremy, Portage (Kalamazoo), MI
Always pleased to support Positron! shopPOSI makes supporting the label so easy. And I'm very excited to see the addition of other labels/artists to the store. Thank you for providing a quick, easy, and well supported place for top-notch music!.
- Robert, Somerset, NJ
shopPOSI is probably the best shopping experience I've found on the Internet - great products, a nice site, and incredible service. What more can you ask for?
- Brian, Pittsburgh, PA
Customer service has always been number one for me when I shop on-line and shopPOSI always excels at it. Every time I have had a problem with an order I always get a fast response from your staff and it is immediately fixed. Plus, all my orders get here with lighting speed. I will always shop with your company as long as you keep putting out the best music and customer service. Plain and simple, shopPOSI is kicking everyone else's ass!
- Christopher, Greeley, CO
You guys rock, love the music and have told quite a few friends about it all! Keep it up!
- Patrick, Cary, NC
shopPOSI is always the quickest to get me anything I order, it has beaten Amazon when ordering from both sites the same day by 3 days. I have even had to use a forwarding addy with the post office twice while Posi was shipping me something and it STILL got to me in under 7 days.
- Erik, Fort Wayne, IN
Positron kicks ass, best record label ever. And, of course, incredible customer service.
- Jason, Colorado Springs, CO
shopPOSI serves up the best customer service I've ever experienced!
- Phillip, Redlands, CA
shopPOSI has the quickest turnaround time of any internet retailer I have ever bought items at.
- John, Boston, MA
Everything went so smoothly and I received the product very quickly, unlike some other internet CDs I have ordered.
- Frank, Buffalo, NY
Easily the quickest I have ever received an order from any website. The delivery service is top-notch and never disappoints in the slightest.
- Chris, Conroe, TX
You guys should know by now that you're amongst the best mail-order services out there. Friendly, fast, patient, understanding, and all full of awesomeness. I know that's not a word, but you guys are worth making a new one up.
- David, Columbus, OH
Had the items I ordered within a few days. Excellent service indeed.
- Jeff, Boston, MA
The fast service and free shipping is just plain awesome! I placed the order on 11/24 at 11ish AM and received the order the next business day, 11/26. Keep up the great work guys!!!
- Michael, Hazel Park, MI
The service is always excellent. The site is easy to navigate and the shipping is always fast. I would recommend this to anyone who asked.
- Ken, Corunna, MI
Very fast, great products, fair prices!
- Jeff, New Orleans, LA
I am always satisfied at the ease and especially the no shipping charges that Positron! provides those who shop with them. Positron's the best - and the items available should satisfy anyone who might be looking for something unique and perfect.
- Lorraine, Seneca, IL
In the almost five years I have ordered from you, starting with the SMG "Revolution" CD back in '99, I have never been less than thrilled with the treatment I have gotten. You easily have the nicest people working for you, and service has always been amazing. In many years of ordering CDs through the mail, Positron! is the best label in the world when it comes to customer service. So, in case it hasn't been said, thank you.
- Michael, Pound, VA
Positron! has given me the best experience that I have had from ordering off of the internet. Other online music stores have either taken forever to send my order or have not kept me informed as to what the status of my order was (backordered, cancelled,etc.) I was actually shocked to have recieved an e-mail confirming my oder the very second that I placed it. I had one band's site that took days to let me know the status of my order...and that was after I had ordered it the SECOND TIME! At least with shopPOSI I never have to question whether I will get my order or what condition it will be in.
- Ray, Charlotte, NC
I have yet to get CDs as fast from any other band or label. You guys rule.
- Rick, Buffalo Grove, IL
Keep going like this!!!! I don't know any online shop better than you!!! Shipment is faster than as I would purchase something in my home country Germany.
- Guenter, Langen, Germany
Your website is very user friendly. Orders are always shipped promptly and correctly. I have ordered several times and never had a problem.
- Todd, Idledale, CO
I have purchased from you guys several times now, each time has gone smoothly! Thanks!
- Kirk, Elgin, IL
You're the best! Prompt and efficient, no hassle.
- Richard, Toledo, OH
Shopping at shopPOSI will take you back to the days of diving through album bins with the clerk on hand to play the best cuts off of the album. Not just the small crappy samples that larger stores might let you listen to, but full, excellent quality samples from a wide range of artists. Pull out your wallet... it's time to start exploring.
- Craig, Belleville, MI
I have purchased from shopPOSI several times and have had an excellent experience each and every time. Great products, great prices, and fast shipping too! I like the fact that shipping is already included in the price of the items. The price you see is the price you pay. I love to spread the word to friends and acquintances about Positron Records (and their artists) and shopPOSI. Thanks!
- Chris, Dallas, TX
Everything is very clear and shipping is fast and free. How could I ever ask for more!?!?!
- Billy, Los Gatos, CA
If only every internet based store was as fast and courteous as shopPOSI.
- Jon, Dayton OH
Great service and EXTREMELY fast shipping. I have the utmost confidence in this site and will happily buy from them again.
- Izaiah, Denver, CO
- Mike, Reno, NV
Fastest service ever!!
- Scott, Fremont, CA
The world's fastest shipping department.
- Ken, Batavia, IL
Your site is incredibly fast on the shipping. I ordered the new SMG album on Friday and it was in my mailbox on Saturday. I know I live in the same city that you ship it from, but it makes me wonder if Chris Randall himself dropped it off.
- Dan, Chicago IL
Keep up the good prices and fast shipping!
- Rob, Dallas, TX
Continually superb service, always speedy and always accurate. Never a regret or worry ordering any item from shopPOSI or Positron! Records.
- Ryan, Littleton, CO
The service has always struck me as top-notch. Look forward to receiving further portions of my meager college-student paychecks. ;)
- Philip, Modesto, CA
I love the fact that I can check my order status anytime. I feel secure buying from shopPOSI. Free shipping is excellent too.
- Stephanie, Hamburg, NY
Once again everything was on time, the billing was right and I got just what I paid for. Keep up the great job.
- David, Gahanna, OH
I've now bought three items (all Micronaut) - the first time I've purchased anything from outside the UK. I'd definitely recommend using shopPOSI - service is excellent, goods arrived in reasonable time (given the distance) well packaged and in good condition. Not to mention music very good.
- Neil, United Kingdom
Gosh! I ordered the SMG CD on Friday and it was delivered to me on Monday! What service! Everyone couldn't believe it! Way to go Positron!
- Brad, Los Angeles, CA
I've picked up several CD's from shopPOSI (the last 5 SMG CDs, the Christ Analougue CDs and Die Warzau). All in all, about 3 or 4 different transactions over the last 3 years and my packages always show up on time and what I ordered!
- Kurt, Oxnard, CA
Wow. All I can say is wow. Fast service, great pricing, and great motto. I love it all, and blow too much money here! Stop being so good, then I can put money away toward a house or something! Also, I never would have heard about the Noise.to.Signal.05 show that I went to last weekend if I hadn't received something in the mail about it from being a customer. Wonderful.
- Joshua, Madison, WI
If there's such a thing as a local record store on the net, shopPOSI is it. The site is as easy to use (easy as Sunday morning) and they're friendly as hell. Keep on keeping on!
- Jeremy, Gurnee, IL
I've been professionally building sites since 1994 and your site is exceptional. Positron Records: all class all the time.
- Kevin, Denver, CO
Excellent online shopping experience.
- Jeffrey, Tallahassee, FL
Your website is great - fluid and easy with a very hip feel.
- Jim, Lake in the Hills, IL
Excellent service, as always. Impressed by the quick delivery.
- Martin, London, England
shopPOSI is the proof that you don't have to rely on amazon.com etc to get your music easily and quickly. Low price, no middle-man, no mega-record lable, just good music from the source. This is what the internet was supposed to do for us, and Positron delivers. This is the way it should work! Oh, and I love the music.
- Carl, Dallas, TX
I always get excellent service from you, so if there's something I want and I have money to buy it, there's no hesitation.
- Joanna, San Francisco, CA
The new format is great. It makes life much easier. I especially like the free digital downloads with an album purchase, and just having the digital downloads available in general. Thanks for making available the greatest music around!!
- Chris, USAF Academy, CO
Every new shopPOSI incarnation is infinitely better than the last. Bugless, flawless, efficient, quick, amazing. This is what the rest of internet shopping should be. If Amazon was half this good, they'd put major retailers out of business.
- David, Phoenix, AZ
Amazingly fast. After placing my order during the weekend, I was hoping to receive it by the next Saturday. It was a nice surprise to have everything on Tuesday. I came for latest Sister Machine Gun release, but with the great price, I also bought every Micronaut album. It's great to deal with a classy record company that cares about its customers.
- Chad, Algonquin, IL
Having ordered items from Positron! Records numerous times (since discovering Sister Machine Gun many years ago), I've never once had a problem that wasn't quickly handled in a friendly way, making me feel even better about shopping there - and even those cases were rare. In a nutshell: The prices are great, the products are of excellent quality and the shipping is fast. Thanks!
- Jeff, Rancho Cucamonga, CA
I've made several purchases from shopPOSI before, and I'm definitely a satisfied customer. Positron! offers a great variety of artists, all of whom create very eclectic, interesting music. It's easy to make purchases via this website, and all my orders arrive just a few days after I place them. If you're looking for high quality music at a more than reasonable price, shopPOSI is the answer.
- David, Gainesville, FL
I love the option to order CDs and receive a digital download at the same time. The "pre-internet-music-revolution" side of my brain craves the physical reassurance of a CD, while the "post-internet-information-age" side loves the instant gratification of an instant download. If other music-sellers offer such a service, I haven't seen it, possibly because their sites are mired in marketing materials and "SPECIAL PROMOTIONS!!!(tm)"
- Michael, Portland, OR
shopPOSI and the entire Positron! Records experience is by far one of the most user and customer friendly sites on the web. Positron! has some of the most amazing and influential artists on their roster producing nothing but the best music in the genre.
- Jaye, Clifton Park, NY
As long as Chris Randall keeps making awesome music, I'll keep buying from shopPOSI. Thanks to Positron! Records and shopPOSI, I've had the privilege of listening to some very talented artists, of whom I'd be completely ignorant otherwise. Keep up the good work, guys.
- Clinton, Perth, Western Australia
After years of slavish music fandom and intrepid genre exploration, I haven't been listening to much music lately, just bits here and there I listen to on the web or WFMU. But I think that the RIAA are hateful bastards and anything I can to do help foster a truly independent music industry is good by me. So, really, it was from reading the Analog Industries blog that I became interested in hear some of his work. Micronaut seemed like something I might listen to quite a bit, and why not pick up the comp I'd tagged a while ago. I admire your whole web approach and the execution. It's really solid. And so far Micronaut is pretty f'n great.
- C., Pawtucket, RI
I have made several CD purchases in the past for SMG, Micronaut, Collide, Komposi, etc. from your site, but this was the first download purchase. I was excited to purchase downloadable content from you directly since you offer higher quality files and no DRM hassle that other sites require. I am very happy with the albums I purchased, and will check back for other artists and new material later. Thanks for selling great music in a format I actually want!
- Bryan, Lincoln, NE
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