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The second compilation released by Positron! Records, komposi002 features tracks from Positron! Artists as well as friends of Positron!

Included on komposi002 are new and exclusive tracks from Sister Machine Gun, Amish Rake Fight (Mike Fisher of Machines of Loving Grace), Beautiful Assassins (Matt Walker of Impossible Recording Machine), Bizarbies (Miguel Turanzas of Sister Machine Gun), Impossible Recording Machine, Micronaut, and Scanalyzer, plus the first brand-new song from Die Warzau.

komposi002 also features tracks from Auricle Media's Broken Fabiola and Manufactura, and Flagrant Record's Christ Analogue.
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01. Sister Machine Gun: I Don't Need
02. Amish Rake Fight: Sunday Drive
03. Beautiful Assassins: Some Distant Spark
04. Die Warzau: Radiation Babies
05. Micronaut: Microdrive
06. Christ Analogue: So Brand New
07. Manufactura: Ritmo Y Ruido
08. Self Defense Force: Aggrevator
09. Broken Fabiola: I Record Your Every Move
10. Impossible Recording Machine: Dark Side Of The Sun
11. Scanalyzer: Robotika
12. Sister Machine Gun: To Hell With You (Christ Analogue Remix)
13. Bizarbies: Babaganoosh

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Amish Rake Fight: Fellow Prisoners
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Bizarbies: Half-Hits
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Christ Analogue: Everyday Is Distortion
A flawless union of intricate drum and synth programming, strong ambient structure, and vocals ranging from intimate to enraged bear the listener through this sixteen-song epic.

Impossible Recording Machine: Echo The Moon
Following the course of an emotive theme from beginning to end, Impossible Recoding Machine's second album is alternately beautiful and eerie, gentle and razor-sharp.

Micronaut: Ganymede
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Sister Machine Gun: Influence
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