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komposi003 is the third compilation released by Positron! Records and features tracks from Aizome, Amish Rake Fight, The Atomica Project, Bounte, Micronaut, Milkfish, s.sturgis, and Scanalyzer.

komposi003 also includes the debut of "The Things You Do" by Eric Powell's new project, Graphic, and Chris Randall contributes both his first solo song, "Be There Tonight," as well as the last Sister Machine Gun song, "Sink."
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01. Amish Rake Fight: Artist With A Thompson
02. Milkfish: Shame
03. Bounte: Going Nowhere
04. Micronaut: Quartz Clock
05. Chris Randall: Be There Tonight
06. s.sturgis: euphondisson (micronaut reassembly by Chris Randall)
07. The Atomica Project: Airways
08. Aizome: Terminal
09. Scanalyzer: Culture Shock
10. Graphic: The Things You Do
11. Sister Machine Gun: Sink

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Amish Rake Fight: Fellow Prisoners
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The Atomica Project: Metropolitan
Metropolitan maneuvers effortlessly through genres, incorporating elements of trip hop, orchestral, downtempo, and lo-fi, all the while illustrating a compelling story of loss, affliction, collapse and recovery.

Bounte: One
One is the debut album from Chicago native Bounte. Combining a breakbeat and IDM backbone with strong melodic textures and melodies, One is an unique take on the current electronic music scene.

Chris Randall: The Devil His Due
The long-awaited solo album from Chris Randall, former frontman for Sister Machine Gun, pays homage to more traditional American music, while still maintaining the chaotic edginess that Randall is known for.

Micronaut: Europa
A brooding and introspective piece of melodic electronica, Micronaut's fourth album is dark and cinematic, with twisting synth lines and disjointed drum-beats vying for attention amid a thick bed of drones and found sound.

Scanalyzer: On The One And The Zero
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Sister Machine Gun: Influence
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s.sturgis: in a haze
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