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Like The Hunted is documentation of the concert tour that brought Collide's dreams alive. Expanded to a six-piece, the live iteration of the electronica powerhouse brings new dimensions to familiar songs.

Shot by veteran video director Kevin McVey, the concert footage in Like The Hunted is accompanied by full, rich digitally recorded sound. The band contributes supercharged, vibrant, edgy versions of songs heretofore known only in their studio-manicured versions: "Euphoria," "Somewhere," and "White Rabbit," the wild (but appropriate) cover, first heard on Chasing The Ghost. Gorgeous and ethereal moments on some of the more crystalline Collide ballads take on a particular resonance because of the concert setting: Los Angeles's breathtaking landmark El Rey theatre.

There's more to Like The Hunted than concert footage. Collide has always been an extremely adventurous video act and they've included their trippy clips on this DVD, including "Son Of A Preacher Man," "Euphoria" and "Razor Sharp." A photo scrapbook captures both the live visuals as well as a collection of studio photos. Two acoustic performances of well-known Collide tracks reveal the sturdy construction that underpins even their most elaborate electronic songs. Finally, Like The Hunted contains a lengthy explanatory interview entitled "The Modification" with the bandmembers that begins like a documentary, but ultimately gives insight and reveals the tight dynamic between the principals kaRIN and Statik.

Special Features
"The Modification": interview/video outtakes
Studio videos: "Euphoria," "Son of a Preacherman," "Razor Sharp" (version 1)
Acoustic performances: "Deep," "Modify"
West Coast Tour videos: "Wings of Steel," "Like you Want to Believe," "Razor Sharp" (version 2)
Studio and Live Photos

View Chapter Listing
01. Beneath the Skin
02. Crushed
03. Complicated
04. Falling Up
05. Dreamsleep
06. Slither Thing
07. Modify
08. Razor Sharp
09. White Rabbit
10. Wings of Steel
11. Like You Want to Believe
12. Somewhere
13. Lunatics Have Taken Over the Asylum
14. Euphoria
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