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Recorded live at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles, April 14th 2005, this CD is the companion to Collide's Like The Hunted DVD. Expanded to a six-piece, the live iteration of the Collide brings new dimensions to familiar songs. Guitarists Scott Landes and Rogerio Silva weave alternately processed and raw riffs around Kai Kurosawa's percussive bass and Chaz Pease's thunderous drumming. Statik stands omnipresent behind his electronics, as the virtual sound controller, and kaRIN leads the band with sultry charisma.

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01. Intro
02. Beneath the Skin
03. Crushed
04. Complicated
05. Falling Up
06. Dreamsleep
07. Slither Thing
08. Modify
09. Razor Sharp
10. White Rabbit
11. Wings of Steel
12. Like You Want to Believe
13. Somewhere
14. Lunatics Have Taken Over the Asylum
15. Euphoria
16. Euphoria (video edit) - Bonus Track
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