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As fans of melodic pop as well as ambient and experimental music, IRM's Matt Walker and Jim Dinou set out to create an album that captured the depth and mood they had envisioned for their second release. If Axioms, their debut album, was a sampling of disparate moods and textures, they intended Echo The Moon to be a more singular vision, following the course of an emotive theme from beginning to end. The result is an album that is alternately beautiful and eerie, gentle and razor sharp. Echo The Moon is an explorative soundscape encompassing electric, acoustic, melodic, dissonant, disciplined and spontaneous musical worlds.
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01. Fearless
02. The Darkest Sun
03. Deceleration
04. Give
05. Like Air
06. Body In Negative
07. Exhaustion
08. Echo The Moon

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Setting out to set down an emotive theme on their sophmore effort, Impossible Recording Machine's Matt Walker and Jim Dinou have created a soundscape of... [Read More]

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