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The fourth full-length album from Chris Randall's Micronaut project, Europa is a brooding and introspective piece of melodic electronica. Quite a departure from the normal Micronaut sound of big-beat and house, Europa is dark and cinematic, with twisting synth lines and disjointed drum-beats vying for attention amid a thick bed of drones and found sound.

Europa features Chris Randall and Miguel Turnazas, and also adds Wade Alin (Christ Analogue, Atomica, Milkfish) to the mix with his unique programming skills. Mike Fisher (Machines of Loving Grace, Amish Rake Fight) makes an appearance with his masterful cello playing. A perfect soundtrack for a dark day, Europa is Micronaut's finest album to date.

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01. For Once Always
02. Mister Tronic
03. Crass But True
04. Normalized
05. Invention 1 / Microprocessor
06. Darkness
07. Sneer
08. Uncompressed
09. Failsafe
10. Calculate
11. Institutional
12. Perdition
13. Dysk
14. Perdition - DJ Blitz 4/4 Remix

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