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Scanalyzer is the bastard love child of Sister Machine Gun's Chris Randall and Wade Alin of Atomica and Christ Analogue. Their debut album, On The One And The Zero, is a tour-de-force of glitch-hop, noisecore, and IDM, with a generous dose of dancefloor groove thrown in to complete the mix. The tension of the album is palpable as Randall and Alin go to great lengths to out-do each other via complicated drum-noise programming and grinding synthesizers. This album is not to be missed if you're a fan of esoteric electronica.
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01. Moretech
02. Zwischenspiel Eine   Album Only
03. Scan7
04. Hifishit
05. Monotreme
06. Zwischenspiel Zwei   Album Only
07. Herstius
08. Zwischenspiel Drei   Album Only
09. One Seventy Five
10. Screamer
11. Additionally All That Work
12. Neutron Dub
13. Modsinth
14. Zwischenspiel Vier   Album Only
15. Screenblitter

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