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The Devil His Due is the long-awaited solo album from Chris Randall, former frontman for Sister Machine Gun. A drastic sonic departure from the electro-industrial rock of his previous band, The Devil His Due pays homage to more traditional American music, while still maintaining the chaotic edginess that Randall is known for. Blues with a tinge of manic-depressive craziness is the order of the day, as Randall builds images of fictional people and events with stark clarity. The album is incredibly raw in sound, yet is full of subtlety that won't be readily apparent on the first listen.
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01. Judas Iscariot
02. Two Trains Comin'
03. The Devil His Due
04. Sin Eater
05. When The Circus Comes To Town
06. Automatic Jack
07. St. James Infirmary Blues
08. Be There Tonight
09. I'll Take The Bottle
10. Baron Samedi
11. Up Jumped The Devil
12. It's All The Same In The Nighttime

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