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With Callisto, the fifth album under the Micronaut banner, Chris Randall twists the lush electronics and aggressive beats that are standard Micronaut fare in to an altogether new sound. From the pounding rush of "Rapid I Movement" and "Full Speed," featuring the vocals of Chicago indie rapper Bless 1, to the melodic closure of "Semicoma," Callisto dips in to the IDM, dnb, progressive house, and Big Beat genres with equal disdain for labels, yet still retains a consistent sense of self.

Bless 1's addition to the rotating roster of Micronaut contributors brings an entirely new flavor to the palette. The nightmare scene lyrics of "Rapid I Movement" and the desperation of "Full Speed" fit in perfectly with Randall's skittering drum programming and melodies. "Skeeter," "Quickie" and "Minimist" explore differing views of house music, while "Function" and "Pin" are Randall's take on the more commercial side of IDM. All in all, Callisto is typical Micronaut, inasmuch as it is hard to nail down, following the moving target that is the state of electronic music.
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01. Rapid I Movement
02. Skeeter
03. Checkered Past
04. Hanging
05. Function
06. Quickie
07. Apparition
08. Pin
09. Full Speed
10. Vulgar
11. Minimist
12. Semicoma

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