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Sister Machine Gun, featuring Chris Randall (vocals/guitar/synthesizers), Miguel Turanzas (guitar/effects), and Charles Levi of Thrill Kill Kult/Pigface (bass), live at the Metro in Chicago for the sistermachinegun: 6.5 Record Release Show, February 2nd, 2002.

DVD Preview

Total Running Time: 59:40 (not including bonus content)

Bonus Content:
Backing Video with live audio
Rehearsal Footage
"What About Me" multi-angle
Video: 16:9 aspect ratio
Audio: English 5.1 Channel AC-3
Encoding: Region free / NTSC (If you live in a country that supports another standard, such as PAL or SECAM, you'll need a multi-format DVD player.)

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01. Intro / The Desert
02. Bang Bang
03. Like You
04. What About Me
05. Automaton
06. Commercial
07. Loser
08. Caught Between The Bullet And You
09. Carbon Copy
10. Temptation
11. Burn
12. Better THan Me
13. Krackhead
14. Not My God
15. Addiction
16. Credits
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