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On the heels of their 2004 breakout album, Blackout, PTI returns with the remix companion, Exhaust. This multi-track release features new remixes of "Ivory Tower", "Gone Silicon", "Databass", "Condemnation", "IDentify" and more. In addition to the remixes, Exhaust includes one previously unreleased b-side named after the album title. Remixers for Exhaust include God Module, Assemblage23, Negative Format, Flesh Field, Y-Luk-O, Z Prochek, Interface, Christ Analogue, Torrent Vaccine and more.
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01. Condemnation [MindFluxFuneral Abomination]
02. Database [A23 Reconstruction]
03. Zero Hour [Z-Prochek Convolution]
04. IDentify [Christ Analogue Putrefcation]
05. Databass [PTI Subversion]
06. Ivory Tower [Interface Invigoration]
07. Exhaust
08. Gone Silicon [Negative Format Molecular Disintegration]
09. Databass [Fleshfield Infection]
10. Condemnation [Torrent Vaccine Contamination]
11. Otherside [Deadliner Debasement]
12. IDentify [Y-LUK-O Degration]
13. Gone Silicon [Lukotyk Mutation]
14. Condemnation [God Module Damnation]
15. IDentify [Iammynewt Treatment]

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