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Frequently Asked Questions
1. What are my payment options?

shopPOSI accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal. We do NOT accept cash. If you absolutely, positively must pay by check/money order, contact us at order@positronrecords.com for ordering instructions and a mail order address.

To place an order, simply browse the store and add the items you wish to purchase to your cart. Upon checkout you will be given 2 payment choices:

Credit Card: shopPOSI encrypts your credit card and confidential information using the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL). The entire checkout process takes place on our secure server.

Paypal: after submitting your order you will be directed to PayPal's secure site to enter your payment information. Once your payment information is entered and verified, you will be directed back to this web site for your order confirmation.

2. Does shopPOSI offer secure credit card ordering?

Yes! The Positron! Records Merch Store (shopPOSI) uses the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) to encrypt your credit card and confidential information. We do not store your financial/credit card information on our server.

3. How will my credit card be billed?

Your purchase will appear on your credit card statement as: Positron Records, Inc. If you use your credit card in conjunction with PayPal, it will appear on your statement as PayPal*Positron.

4. What credit cards do you accept? Can I use my debit card?

We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. If your debit card carries a Visa or MasterCard logo, then yes, you may use it to pay for your merchandise. Be sure to select Credit Card as your payment option upon checkout.

5. What is a free album download?

If you see the text:
CD Price: $XX.00
This CD comes with a free full album download.
You will receive a free album download with your CD purchase. A digital version of the album will be placed in your shopPOSI Download Locker after you have completed your order AND the CD will be shipped to you.

6. What is a full album download?

By selecting the Buy the Digital Download / full album download option you are choosing to download the album. A digital version of the album will be placed in your shopPOSI Download Locker after you have completed your purchase. You will have the option of downloading the individual tracks, or the whole album in one zip file. No compact disc will shipped to you.

7. What is the difference between a track download and a song download?

Albums that are available as digital downloads can be puchased as full album downloads, or, you can purchase individual tracks. Song downloads are just that: single songs that are only available as digital downloads. They are generally new / exclusive / non-album / remixes / etc...

8. What is moto / Posimoto?

Once upon a time we had an imprint called Posimoto! Records that only released 3 inch mini CDRs (or as we liked to call them, motoCDs). The motoCDs were generally 3-4 songs, and approximately 20 minutes long. Now that we've moved into the world of digital downloads, Posimoto! releases have said goodbye to the CDR and are now only available as digital downloads. They can be puchased as full album (moto) downloads, or as individual tracks.

9. How are your digital downloads encoded?

All the digital downloads at shopPOSI are encoded DRM-free, and will play in any device or through any program that supports variable bit-rate MP3s or FLAC. The MP3s are extremely high-quality, taken from the original gold masters of each album using Exact Audio Copy, then encoded using LAME's "--alt-preset-standard" Variable Bit Rate setting, resulting in a song that is much higher quality than your average iTunes store track, while still maintaining a manageable file size.

Songs downloaded from shopPOSI contain no digital rights management protection, and may be used on any computer or device you own. Songs that come from albums released under the Creative Commons Sampling Plus license may be shared with your friends via the many methods for doing so.

Free downloads are encoded at 128K.

10. Why are some tracks marked Album Only?

Album Only tracks are tracks that are under 2 minutes in length and are generally "transition" tracks. They are not available for individual track purchase, however, if you buy the full album download or a CD that comes with a free full album download, those tracks will appear in your download locker.

11. Why can only US customers enter a shipping address?

During the credit card authorization process, your credit card company checks:

(A) That the billing address you entered during checkout matches the billing address they have on file for you (Address Verification System, or AVS)

(B) That your card verification code matches (CVV)

In order for us to ship an order to an address other than the billing address, both the AVS code and the CVV code must match the information your credit card company has on file for you. Unfortunately, many non-US credit card companies do not employ the CVV system. Therefore, in order to protect non-US customers from fraud and unauthorized use of your credit card, we will not ship to any address other than your billing address.

12. How much is shipping & handling and how will my merchandise be sent?

Shipping & handling is free for orders shipped to addresses in the US and Canada. All US orders are shipped First Class Mail, Canadian orders are shipped Airmail Letter Post. US customers have the option of upgrading to Priority Mail.

International orders:
International customers will be given the option between Airmail Letter Post and Global Priority Mail (where available). You will be presented with USPS shipping rates during checkout.

13. When will my order ship? How long will it take to get to me?

Order shipment depends on the day/time your order is placed. All times are Pacific Standard Time. Orders placed:
Monday-Friday before noon: ship the same day
Monday-Thursday after noon: ship the following day
Friday after noon-Sunday: ship Monday

Approximate Shipping Times:
US First Class Mail: 2-7 days
US Priority Mail: 1-3 days
Airmail Letter Post: 4-10 days
Global Priority Mail: 4-6 days

14. Can you declare my order as a gift/promotional item on the customs form?

No. We send merchandise to customers outside the US on a daily basis - it is simply not possible for us to show up at the Post Office every day with foreign orders claiming each and every one as a gift/promotional item.

15. I got my order today and you forgot to include...

If we made ANY mistakes with your order, please email us at order@positronrecords.com tell us the problem, and we'll fix it pronto!

16. My question isn't listed here.

Send your questions to order@positronrecords.com and one of our shopPOSI representatives will get back to you, usually within 24 hours. If you are inquiring about an order you placed, please include the order tracking number from your receipt.

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